Turning Out Quality

Kemptville, ON

Meet Our School Horses And Ponies 

Turnout Stables has a great roster of school horses and ponies that ensure our riders of all levels have fun and achieve their goals.


Barn Name: Tyrone (Ty)

Tyrone is Turnout Stables' real life unicorn. He has proven to be the best pony one could ask for. He is patient enough for beginners, but competitive for the show ring. When he isn't on a lease, or winning Reserve Champion titles at the prestigious Royal Winter Fair, Ty can be found teaching the next generation of Turnout riders. 


Barn Name: Sunny

Nick Name: MOOSE!

Sunny is a large pony with an extensive show record on all levels of the circuit. He is a barn favourite and has been integral in teaching riders of all ages and levels. 


Barn Name: Smudge

Smudge is a long standing resident of Turnout Stables and has done it all. He loves his role as a school pony and has helped many riders achieve their goals from short stirrups and beyond!


Barn Name: Peter

Peter has hack winning movement, with many miles in the show ring. With his great personality and demeanour, Peter is always eager to please and teach his riders. 


Barn Name: Trinity

Trinity is a big mare who is worth her weight in gold. She is a fan favourite here at Turnout,

and is always looking to please. Trinity can go from teaching beginners, to being competitive

in the show ring. She does it all!


Barn Name: Indy

Indy is a large pony, with a great mind! He has proven himself to be a great addition to our

lesson program and will do anything that is asked of him.


Barn Name: Tigger

Tigger is a great horse who just loves people! He has a real 'in your pocket' type of personality,

and his riders absolutely adore him!


Barn Name: Cindy

Cindy is an older pony that has been reserved for teaching our beginners. She has a heart of gold,

and is more 'whoa' than go. When Cindy isn't busy in a lesson, she loves to be adored with hugs

and treats! 


Barn Name: Sadie

Sadie is a large pony with an even bigger heart. She has been a favourite amongst children and

adults, and is a lovable as they can get. She is a great pony in our program, and we just adore her!


Barn Name: Nigel

Nigel is an all around great horse. He loves attention, and is a safe and reliable mount. When he

isn't busy being pampered, you can find him with his ears forward looking for the next jump!


Barn Name: Colour

Colour is relatively new to Turnout Stables, but she sure has won over many hearts already. This

mare is as kind and honest as they come, and loves to jump. She has such a sweet personality, and

we are looking forward to the future with this one!

BONZO (Retired)

Barn Name: Bonzo

Bonzo is living out his golden years on the farm, after years of teaching students to ride. He has a heart of gold and has taught MANY riders how to not only ride, but jump. He is adored and loved by all at Turnout Stables.