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Turning Out Quality

Info and FAQ

What do I need to start riding lesson? 

Riders must wear long pants (tight fitting is the best like yoga pants), a boot or shoe with a 1"heel.  we can supply an ASTM approved helmet.  We don't allow your child to wear a bicycle helmet.  

Do I need to keep the same lesson spot each week?

We can work with your schedule as everyone has different needs and life style.  But it is greatly appreciate if you can stay at the same time and day each week. 

I Just want to ride for the fun, do you accept pleasure riders?

YES! We welcome pleasure riders and show riders alike! Some of our most dedicated riders are pleasure riders with no desire to horse show.

Do you offer trail rides?

No we do not offer public trail rides or horse rentals.  On occasion, we will take some of our riding school students on scenic rides, but do not offer this outside of our lesson program.

What can I expect to learn? 

We will teach how to brush and work with horse/pony on the ground.   You will learn how lead, groom, get ready to ride including how to put on the equipment and take off the equipment and ride. 

How long will I be there?

You will be asked to be here 30 mins before your lesson time and 30 mins after your lesson time.  All my lesson are 1 hour long.

Sounds great know what?

It is just a phone call away! Call today to set up a time so we can meet or even text me!